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New Nissan Qashqai Unveiled

Nissan Qashqai revealed the all-new singing and dancing Qashqai model at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. After 10 years since the original Qashqai was launched, Nissan unveils its most premium model, set to be available in summer 2017. It’s not hard to see why the multi award-winning Qashqai was Nissan’s best selling model in the UK last year, outselling its nearest UK rival by almost 20,000 units as well as being Europe's number one crossover.

“We are so excited to hear about the revelation of the latest Nissan Qashqai model and all the new fabulous features. We look forward to welcoming it to the forecourt this summer!” Said Jim Howard, Managing Director of Vehicle Save Leasing and Contract Hire. The new Qashqai now features distinctive new exterior colours, aerodynamic 19-inch wheels and a completely revised ‘V-motion’ grille with updated boomerang daytime driving lights mirrored at the rear.

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift
Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

New Features for The Nissan Qashqai 2017 Model

The under-body ‘vortex generators’ that whisk air currents from the front to the rear of the car, assist stability whilst reducing interior wind and road noise. This is all done without affecting its class-leading 0.31Cd or 99g/km CO2 for the 1.5-litre dCi 110 diesel. Derived from aerospace principles, the golf ball-like surface of these vortex generators not only aids aerodynamics but also reduces wind and road noise entering the cabin to give a quieter drive for the occupants. That, combined with 0.35mm thicker rear glass, stronger door seals, improvements to the engine management, plus more soundproofing throughout makes the interior a better place to travel in. And for the interior? Nissan has gone a step further and introduced a range-topping Tekna+ range that includes Nappa leather trimmed seating with 3D quilting on the centre panels.

The new BOSE seven-speaker sound system is sure to impress the music lovers which can be controlled from command screen. There are further upgrades to the long list of technological aspects...emergency braking, pedestrian recognition, rear cross traffic alert, traffic sign recognition, driver attention alert, intelligent park assist, blind spot warning, lane departure warning and a new auto hill hold feature. The engines and transmissions remain unchanged but there is new spring and damper tuning and a new active rate control with a stiffer rear anti-roll bar.

The Nissan Qashqai - the original urban crossover

The Qashqai is Nissan’s top-selling car in Europe and is styled and engineered especially for European customers in Nissan’s UK-based design and technical centres. The multi-award-winning Qashqai’s impressive quality, styling and innovative technologies continue to make it the best-selling crossover in Europe. Since production began in 2013, a new Qashqai has been built every 62 seconds, or 58 per hour, at the plant in Sunderland, UK.

It's ever increasing popularity, means that the Nissan Qashqai is brilliant leasing vehicle. Chosen by BusinessCar as their Crossover of the year and named by WhatCar? as Best Buy in its price category and Best Small SUV for the third year running, the Nissan Qashqai has outstanding all-round appeal, strong residual values, great running costs, practicality, efficiency and quality. Find the best Nissan Qashqai deal for you.

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift
Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

Never settle for second best by leasing the Nissan Qashqai

Not only is the Nissan Qashqai one of the least-polluting and most economical vehicles in this category, it also has a high-quality interior that keeps wind, engine and road noise at bay. The Nissan Qashqai has excellent practicality, impressive engine refinement and a chassis that is well suited to British roads.

Nissan has put the Qashqai through rigorous testing to ensure that the model is up to the highest standard. From testing over 40 test cups, cans and bottles in its cup holders to putting it through its 'dishwasher test', Nissan ensures that the Qashqai can stand up to demanding driving environments as well as the modest and most extreme climates that the UK has to offer.

Superb Control, Handling and Performance from The Nissan Qashqai

By continuously monitoring and responding to road conditions, Nissan’s Chassis Control Technologies provide an agile and responsive drive, giving you increased control and confidence with every twist and turn. Four-wheel drive versions of the Qashqai crossover give you the confidence of Nissan’s All Mode 4x4-i system with torque vectoring. Power is immediately sent to the wheels that need it most, helping maximise traction and delivering responsive, agile performance.

Active Ride Control subtly applies the brakes and adjusts engine torque to give you a smoother ride for any unexpected bumps in your journey. By adjusting the braking to each wheel, Active Trace Control helps the Qashqai stay securely on track. The Active Engine Brake system uses the transmission when you apply the brakes to help slow the Qashqai safely.

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift
Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

The refined electronically-assisted steering, double-piston shock absorbers on two-wheel drive models and and a multi-link rear suspension for four-wheel drive of the Nissan Qashqai lets you enjoy a crossover with a dynamic ride that’s remarkably smooth and controlled, regardless of the road surface. The suspension system conquers bumps, small or large and whatever the road condition. Adjustable steering feedback allows you to choose between Normal or Sport modes whether you're exploring winding countryside roads or handling city streets.

The choice in petrol engines for your Qashqai crossover is either the DIG-T 115 or the powerful DIG-T 163 with its 240Nm of torque. Both of these Qashqai engines feature advanced turbocharging and a Stop/Start System for optimum power output and fuel efficiency.

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Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Car Leasing & Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Contract Hire Deals

If you are considering leasing the Nissan Qashqai Hatchback, you can be rest assured that we will have the most competitive Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Lease Deal to suit your requirements. At Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift, we take care to listen to all your needs so that we can recommend the best Nissan Qashqai Hatchback lease deal for you.

Whether you’re looking for an amazingly cheap Nissan Qashqai lease deal, or treating yourself to a vehicle from the top of Nissan's leasing range, you can get your hands on a great-spec Nissan Qashqai at an affordable monthly price. With all our Nissan Qashqai lease and Nissan Qashqai contract hire vehicles coming from Nissan dealers across the UK, we can find the Nissan Qashqai you want at a price you can afford, so don’t miss out on our best Nissan Qashqai lease deals.

Cheap Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Lease Deals

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift are pleased to offer this Nissan Qashqai Hatchback for as little as £169 per month. At Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift, we scan the best Nissan Qashqai deals on the market from both Nissan as a manufacturer as well as the cheapest leasing deals available through the Nissan Dealer network to ensure that we get you the best value for money. Nissan Qashqai Hatchback leasing deals start from just £169per month. So if you are looking for a cheap Nissan Qashqai Hatchback lease deal, we are confident that we can find the right deal for you.

Nissan Qashqai Lease constantly scan the market to find the cheapest possible deals from both Nissan and from dealers. Finding a cheap Nissan Qashqai lease deal has never been easier with our team of leasing experts. We will compare not only the monthly rental figure, but also the servicing, benefit in kind, CO2 emissions and all other factors that affect the cost of having a vehicle on the road in the UK. Whether you are looking for a cheap Short Term Leasing Deal, or a cheap Long Term Contract, contact us today for the best value Nissan Qashqai lease deal on the market.

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

Which is the right Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Lease Deal for You?

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift's advanced search facility enables you to choose the Nissan Qashqai Hatchback with the highest number of seats, or if you are after the Nissan Qashqai Hatchback with a certain type of transmission (manual/automatic/semi-automatic), the search facility will find the right Nissan Qashqai Hatchback to suit your requirements.

Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Contract Hire Deals with Lowest Emissions

If you are looking for the Nissan Qashqai Hatchback lease deal with the lowest CO2 or Combined MPG, our advanced search criteria enables you to prioritise your search, to display the lowest polluting or most fuel efficient Nissan Qashqai Hatchback available.

Short Term Nissan Qashqai Lease Deals

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift

If you are considering a short term Nissan Qashqai Hatchback Lease Deal then we may have the flexibility to Lease you the Nissan Qashqai Hatchback for 6 to 12 months. This is especially suitable for new employees on an initial probationary period or for new business start ups & short term employment contracts. Find out more about the benefits of short term Nissan Qashqai Hatchback leasing deals.

Nissan Qashqai Lease 2017 Facelift are proud to be able to offer incredible short term Nissan Qashqai leasing deals at competitive prices. Need a Nissan Qashqai for a short term business contract? Or fancy a Nissan Qashqai just for the summer? Get in touch now to discuss your requirements and find out what Nissan Qashqai leasing deal is right for you.


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